Ghost Recon: Wildlands trailer touts the Nvidia features

Ghost Recon: Wildlands trailer touts the Nvidia features

As those who played any of the betas will know, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is an Nvidia-branded title with attendant Nvidia features. This new trailer from Ubisoft goes over some of those graphical pretties (in 4K and 60fps, if you have the monitor for it).

So, if you have the GPU to support it, you’ll be able to make use of things like HBAO+ (which tends to run fine on AMD cards too), Volumetric Lighting (that one might be GPU agnostic), Nvidia Turf Effects (okay, that one is probably Nvidia only), and Ansel (definitely an Nvidia thing).

The video also notes that Ghost Recon: Wildlands has no frame-rate cap, and “dozens” of PC graphics options and pre-sets. Again, if you were in either of the beta tests you’ll have seen these. Multi-monitor support should be in there as well.

Wildlands comes out on 7 March. Here’s the trailer.

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