Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams has quite a development history. Back in the 1980s, Great Giana Sisters was little more than a Mario knock-off for the Commodore 64, to the extent that it drew legal attention from Nintendo. By 2009, all had been forgiven and Giana Sisters returned on the Nintendo DS.

This latest release is a poster child for crowd-funding and digital distribution. Not only did developers Black Forest Games raise $150,000 USD through Kickstarter to help fund Twisted Dreams, but it’s also the second title to make it to release through Steam’s ‘Greenlight’ program.

As you’ll see from the launch trailer below, Twisted Dreams is a puzzle-platformer where flipping between worlds can be as important as nailing your jump timing.

It’s available today on Steam, and GamersGate, all of whom have knocked 10% off the $15 USD asking price.

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