June 20th, 2017

Gods Will Be Watching hits crowdfunding goal in three days

gods will be watching

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote a story about how Gods Will Be Watching, the rather impressive morality puzzler created for the 72-hour game-making Ludum Dare competition, was crowdfunding a vastly expanded version via IndieGogo. Turns out it was only three days ago.

Yup: Gods Will Be Watching has hit its modest goal of €8,000 with 28 days to spare, and this has prompted developers Deconstructeam to post up about some stretch goals, going as high as €60,000.

At €10,000, the game gets a New Game + difficulty mode which adds a little twist to every puzzle and turns on permadeath. Eek.

At €14,000, the game gets more unlockable content – including some short, pixel-art animated films that expand on the backgrounds of every character in the game.

At €25,000, the game gets online scoreboards so that you can compare your own survival/leadership skills with the general public.

At €32,000, the game will be localised into Spanish, French, German, and Italian (with more languages to come if it gets more money).

At €40,000, the game gets some free, community-chosen DLC, in terms of an extra mission that will expand on whatever the community wants. Why DLC? So as not to delay the game any further.

Finally, if Gods Will Be Watching manages to amass €60,000, the game will get full voice acting.

Right now, Gods Will Be Watching is due around February 2014. If you don’t know what it is, you can give the version created for Ludum Dare a go online right now.

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