Godus is back with Godus Wars which is now on Early Access

Godus is back with Godus Wars which is now on Early Access

Remember Godus? That’s the game that Peter Molyneux and 22Cans managed to screw up quite badly. It’s not over yet for Godus as they have just announced Godus Wars.

Owners of Godus will be granted access to the new Godus Wars as a free update to Godus on Steam. So what is it? 22 cans CEO, Simon Phillips explains.

“Godus Wars is the exciting, new addition of combat into the Godus universe; mixing intricate real-time strategy gameplay with the unique land transformation of Godus. The development of Godus Wars proves that 22cans are never a company to back down from a challenge. All Kickstarter backers and previous Godus owners on Steam will be receiving Godus Wars as a major, free update.”

“In Godus Wars, the task before you is simple – Conquer the world. Choose between FOUR playable Deities, each with unique play styles, powers and abilities as you battle against a range of devious and dangerous opposing Deities.”

The Early Access release of Godus Wars will include 70 unique deformable levels, 4 playable Deities, 2 base type units (archers and catapults), 20 card God Powers, Troop Buffs and Power Card, 2 Deity opponents.

22Cans has not forgotten Brian Henderson, the chap who won the 22Cans cube chipping experiment, he’s been added as one of the two Deity opponents. Not exactly a life changing reward as was promised but we’ll assume this is a start.

So what is happening with the original Godus? 22 Cans explains:

“The release of Wars proves that we are still dedicated to Godus and everyone who owns or has previously purchased Godus, already has Godus Wars! Yes! Godus Wars is free for all previous Godus Kickstarter backers & owners.”

22Cans are bringing Godus War to gather feedback before a full release and they say it “demonstrates that we are still dedicated to Godus.”

Interesting developments but how well this news is received remains to be seen. 22Cans failed to deliver with the original Godus and that’s no easily forgotten. If you are brave enough to take a punt on this then the Early Access page can be found here.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • thebaconfromhell Youtuber

      OH FUCK NO

    • https://www.pcinvasion.com Peter Parrish

      Time to reprise the “another fine mess you’ve Godus into” joke.

      • Paul Younger

        I think you should leave the building right now.

        It makes you wonder though, perhaps 22Cans should have just ditched this and put it down to a bad experience. I backed it and I don’t give a toss now if it ever gets fixed. Molyneux will never change his ambitious ways and BS spouting. I am sure it’s in his DNA.

        • Nessuno

          I’d be sad if his career ended with that game.
          Hopefully he’ll make something great in the near future.

          On another note, I wanted to inform you e-mails are returned to sender when we try to contact you via [email protected]

          • Paul Younger

            Thanks Nessuno. I will check the email but it should be working

      • Harvey Price

        Actually no. Technically it should be “that’s another fine mess you’ve Godus Wars into”. You see they are really two different games. One is called Godus, the other is based on Godus but with a combat aspect. So that’s why they named it “Godus Wars”.

        See. Pretty simple when you look at it. A bit like Peter Molyneux’ face, really.

        ps why couldn’t they just call it “Jesus Christ” or something more cogent like
        thebaconfromhell Youtuber said above instead. That would mean we could say it, we could mean it, and it would be kind of like free advertising for the game. A win win win situation all round!