defender of the crown

Now that’s some quality pixel art.

Cinemaware and GOG have announced a distribution deal, which means you can expect to see “a selection” of the company’s games in the GOG catalogue. Defender of the Crown is the first game to appear, although it doesn’t seem to actually be available just yet.

All of the Cinemaware games will come with a set of extras, including “original manual scans, box art, music files and when possible other bonus content available at the time of their original release.” Interestingly, the press release also says that “the original, graphically superior Amiga versions of these games will be sold with the DOS version.” I’m not sure whether that will be some kind of port, or a ROM file for an Amiga emulator.

Anyway, Defender of the Crown was a sort of proto-Total War title (from 1986, mind) in which your Saxon lord had to fight off the Norman invaders and maintain control of England. I’d also constantly confuse it with Lords of the Realm.

“Many of us at the office have fond memories playing Cinemaware’s titles on Amiga when we were kids … It’s a real pleasure for us to bring back to life some of their classic titles in a DRM-free fashion,” says GOG’s Guillaume Rambourg.

Cinemaware were responsible for some fine titles, including It Came From the Desert and The King of Chicago, plus WW1 fighter pilot title Wings. Hopefully they’ll all be in line for a GOG release in due course.

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