September 5th, 2017

GOG Summer Sale begins, discounts 700 games

gog summer sale

The magical Steam sale hasn’t arrived yet, but that’s okay – GOG has you covered with their own large Summer Sale.

In addition to a general discount dropping the majority of the catalogue by 50%, you’ve got a pair of daily bundles – with today offering both the entire Rollercoaster Tycoon series for $8.97, and the D&D Masterset containing the Baldur’s Gate games, Planescape: Torment, the Neverwinter Nights series, the Icewind Dale series, Temple of Elemental Evil, and a few more for $21.20 – and a bunch of flash deals. Said flash deals, incidentally, are really rather good.

For instance! Hotline Miami for $1.99, Shadow Warrior for $7.99, Age of Wonders 3 for $29.99, Legend of Grimrock for $2.24, Shadowrun Returns for $4.99, and lots of others that will probably have expired by the time you read this. The flash sales seem to be staggered in intervals of about half an hour, so some are coming to a close now, and others still have a couple of hours left.

In short, if your bank account simply has too much money in it (and you don’t fancy sending any to me) then will be more than happy to take it from you in exchange for some really cheap games. Isn’t that kind?

The GOG Summer Sale starts now, and ends on 30 June. Before it’s over, you can apparently expect a massive “whole-day giveaway”, a number of flash giveaways, a gaming knowledge contest, and more. Check it out over on

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    • Executr

      Thanks for the heads-up. On a related note, Gamersgate also started yesterday its summer sale.