Gord developer breaks the silence with a 16-minute gameplay walkthrough

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Announced back in April of last year, Gord has received a decent amount of attention from media outlets for a few reasons. One reason had to do with its distinct blend of genres, and the other pertained to its development studio Covenant, which has a few developers who previously worked at CD Projekt Red. The team went a bit radio silent on the game after January of this year, but it has now broken this silence and then some. Yesterday, Covenant posted an extended gameplay demonstration of Gord that goes on for a whopping 16 minutes.

This demonstration features commentary from Stan Just, Covenant CEO and former CD Projekt Red producer. Just discusses Gord‘s distinct “blend of city building, community management and player-driven adventure mechanics.” Additionally, he touches upon the wide array of choices that players can consider, such as which structures to place and what tools to use during combat encounters. Speaking of combat, Gord allows players to take on enemies in real time with any number of weapons and incantations.


Even more choices on top of that

The main campaign already grants players a great degree of freedom over their progression, but the ‘Custom Scenarios’ mode goes well beyond that. As its name implies, this mode lets players design their own gameplay scenarios and extend Gord‘s replay value by a potentially massive amount. Elements such as the starting party, resource density, level size, enemy variants, and weather severity are all left up to players to influence, which should make for some truly wacky creations.

Gord still does not have a definitive release date yet, but this gameplay demonstration should nonetheless leave players interested in learning more about the title’s myriad systems. The video covers much more information on top of what’s featured in this writing, so feel free to watch it below if you’re curious.

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