grand theft auto san andreas

That’s the expression of a man who just saw what this latest patch does to the PC version.

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas got an update today, presumably as a tie-in with the recent ‘HD’ console re-releases, but it may be one to avoid. Over at the site Rockstar Nexus they’re compiling an ongoing list of what the patch adds … and what it takes away.

On the plus side, it adds XInput controller support. That’s pretty handy, as getting basic 360 controllers to work with the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was not a particularly fun exercise.

That’s pretty much the end of the good news.

According to Rockstar Nexus, this latest patch breaks support for the 1920×1080 resolution (which had actually been fixed in a previous patch) and will revert to starting a new game if you try to load a save from an older version.

Quite a few songs have been removed from the San Andreas radio stations too, presumably due to licensing issues. Here are the tracks which have reportedly gone:

“Critical Beatdown”

“Running Down A Dream”
“Woman To Woman”

Bounce FM
“You Dropped A Bomb On Me”
“Yum Yum”
“Running Away”

Radio Los Santos
“I Don’t Give A f*ck”
“Express Yourself”

Radio X
“Killing in the Name of”

K-Jah West
“Ring My Bell”
“Don’t Let It Go To Your Head”

MasterSounds 98.3
“Express Yourself”
“Rock Creek Park”
“Soul Power ’74”
“The Payback”

Rockstar Nexus helpfully points the way towards a community-made patch which attends to some of the newly introduced issues (such as the rejected saved games,) but the only way to retain the songs would presumably be to make some kind of back-up.

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