Green Man Gaming

It’s only green if you eat too much Thanksgiving food.

Green Man Gaming will be deploying all (well, some of) the colours of the rainbow during a five day sales period on PC games starting this Thursday. Did I just say Thursday? I meant Green Thursday.

Those Green Thursday sales will begin at 10am (UK time; so 2am US Pacific) and continue through Black Friday, Orange Saturday, Purple Sunday and Blue Monday. Don’t ask me why Sunday is purple. Maybe it has something to do with Prince. We can only hope.

Presumably Blue Monday is when Wolfenstein: The New Order will be on sale.

Deals will end on Colourless Tuesday, 2 December, at 4pm UK time (8am Pacific.)

According to the Green Man Gaming people, you can expect three “AAA” deals per day, including the following:

  • 33% off Ultra Street Fighter
  • 33% off Borderlands:¬†The Pre-Sequel
  • 50% off Alien Isolation
  • 66% off The Evil Within
  • 66% off¬†Wolfenstein: The New Order
  • 75% off Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls
  • 75% off Murdered Soul Suspect
  • 75% off Company of Heroes
  • 75% off Tomb Raider Game of the Year Edition

There will also be “Fabulous Franchise Deals” alternating every 24 hours, “Special Deals” for VIP Green Man customers and over 200 titles reduced in price.

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