Grime Worldpillar Guide Secrets Items Shidra Shaper

The Worldpillar acts as a central hub of sorts in Grime. It has vendor NPCs, as well as a fella who can upgrade your weapons if you use Bloodmetal resources. But, this location also has a few more stuff that you can find. Here’s our Grime Worldpillar guide to help you with the remaining secrets and collectible items.

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Grime: Worldpillar guide — Secrets and collectible items

You’ll reach Worldpillar after clearing Lithic. You’ll then see Yon and Heod once more, and you’ll also be introduced to Shidra. This entity upgrades your weapons, and you’ll also be given quests to find relics in Feaster’s Lair and Carven Palace.

Meanwhile, Heod and the other assistants sell gear. If you climb the giant vine, the NPC here sells new weapons such as the Bone Grinder, Attuning Lantern, and Nail Scythe. There’s also another weapon called the Servant Needle found near the drawbridge to Servant’s Path (going to the right).

Grm Wrplr Gd 1

Down below, you’ll find a couple of fast travel options. The Nervepass in the Worldpillar is connected to Feaster’s Lair and Carven Palace. The Worldpillar Elevator, meanwhile, is connected to the Garden.

These devices aren’t active yet since you still need to interact with the actual mechanisms in the aforementioned locations.

Grm Wrplr Gd 2

Anyway, there are several items that can be found in the main area just above where Shidra and the NPC reside. You can grab a few if you already have the air dash from the Vulture boss in Feaster’s Lair. However, you’re better off waiting until you obtain the self-pull/grapple ability from the Shapely Fidus boss in the Carven Palace.

Some examples of items you can pick up include Breathdew Shards, Bonemetal Shards, Pillar Fragments, Clutching Roots, and a Fully Formed Husk (5,000 mass).

Grm Wrplr Gd 3

There are also a few well-hidden secrets. For instance, if you go on edge of the Worldpillar Elevator (not its center), you can hold down and the jump button to fall through it.

You’ll need the self-pull/grapple and air dash abilities since this area has several barbed vines, electric traps, and grapple points. However, you’ll find items such as Motley Pearls and Bloodmetal Shards.

Grm Wrplr Gd 4

Meanwhile, if you go past the weapon vendor, you’ll see two electric pods (you can use the pull action to disable them).

Then, pull the branch and let the momentum carry you to the next section.

Grime Worldpillar Guide Secrets Items Shidra Shaper 1

Subsequent segments here follow the same concept: pull/push the vines, leap higher/further, and disable the electric pods.

Grime Worldpillar Guide Secrets Items Shidra Shaper 2

There are other collectibles here (i.e., Motley Pearl). But, the big prize is at the very top. There, you’ll find the Shaper sword, along with a Bloodmetal Chunk.

This passageway brings you back to an open chamber just above the main area. The large vine allows you to climb back down.

Grime Worldpillar Guide Secrets Items Shidra Shaper 3

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