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Shidra in the Worldpillar wants you to get past the Servant’s Path and the Carven Palace just to reach the Garden. You need to activate the elevator and defeat the Shapely Fidus boss to obtain the self-pull/grapple ability. At the bottommost section is a Nervepass that lets you return to the Worldpillar, but the passageway further down leads to the Garden itself (which has a quest item for Shidra). Here’s our Grime Garden zone guide to help you find the Strand of the Child quest item.

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Grime: Garden guide — Exploration and the Strand of the Child quest item

The Garden zone is extremely dangerous especially if you’re unprepared. It’s filled with flower traps that explode, barbed-wire barricades that you need to dash through, moving shadow orbs to mess with your grappling skills, and relentless enemies.

Several mobs here can fly, making them hard to hit. Worse, most lack red HP bars, preventing you from absorbing them to gain Breath and/or extra Ardor. The only enemy that has an absorbable skill is the Flower Fighter.

Grm Grdzn Gd 2

Unfortunately, it took me a while to discover the beacon in the Garden. I was hard-pressed to find a save point, and I wasn’t able to keep track of the loot I collected.

In any case, you can see the map below:

Grime Garden Guide Strand Of The Child Garden Secret Centipede Whip Map 1

The goal here is to follow the pathways going to the left.

The Strand of the Child is found in one of the large chambers here.

Grime Garden Guide Strand Of The Child Garden Secret Centipede Whip 1

If you go further to the upper-left section, you’ll stumble upon this spot (seen in the image below).

The small nook behind the barbed wire barricade has the Centipede Whip weapon.

Grime Garden Guide Strand Of The Child Garden Secret Centipede Whip 2

Above this spot, you’ll want to activate the Worldpillar Elevator. It’ll take you back to Shidra quickly, and you can avoid all the hassles of backtracking.

You can hand over the Strand of the Child quest item so Shidra gives you the Unsealer. This will let you open the passageway to the right of the main area in Carven Palace. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to mention any details past this point in Grime‘s campaign. My advice is to make sure that you defeat the secret bosses/minibosses before you progress any further.

Grime Garden Guide Strand Of The Child Garden Secret Centipede Whip 3

Speaking of missable stuff, you can go to the left of the Worldpillar Elevator. If you cross the fiery/electrified gaps, you’ll end up in the Nerveroot zone where you can pick up the Discarded Device weapon.

Still, much closer to the Worldpillar Elevator itself is a well-hidden tunnel (seen below). You can dash through it, whereupon you’ll immediately fall down. These narrow tunnels are filled with spikes, so use your air dash and grapple moves. At the bottom is a small chamber with the Waneblood armor set.

Grm Grdzn Gd 3

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