GTA 5 PC unlock times confirmed by Rockstar

If you’d like to synchronise your various technological devices and alarms to the precise moment when GTA 5 will unlock and become playable on PC, read on.

The Rockstar Support twitter account has confirmed a few global times for the GTA 5 PC launch, from which you can hopefully extrapolate for your own time zone.

Later on in the same twitter discussion thread thing, Rockstar state that these times are correct for all digital downloads: “GTAV on PC will launch at the same time for all digital downloads, including Rockstar Warehouse.”

In case you missed it the other day, quite a bit of information about the PC version of the game has been divulged. Head over here if you’d like to read about the graphic and control options (and see some menu images relating to both.) There’s also word of a Self Radio that PC users will be able to set up with their own playlists.

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