Guild Wars 2 AMA on Monday 26 November

The Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores event didn’t exactly go 100% to plan much to the dismay of some players thanks to bugs, crashes and disconnects.

Yesterday ArenaNet released a survey to find out what players thought of the content update which was followed by a developer blog from Chris Whiteside to show they are listening to the community and outline plans for the future.

On the back of the blog update the community showed concern at the development direction,  so to address this, Whiteside will beholding an AMA on Reddit this coming Monday.

Thanks for your feedback we really appreciate it. I would like to take the opportunity to answer your questions in an AMA on Reddit on Monday 26th (12pm PST- More details to follow) to talk about recent updates to the game and our philosophy for Guild Wars 2 moving forward.

Please keep in mind that there we are about to begin the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and are out of the office (and likely in game) until Monday. Happy Holidays everyone!

It’s an MMORPG, the community can be hard to please at the best of times but ArenaNet are at least taking positive action to make sure everyone understands their goals.

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