A new cinematic from ArenaNet gives the back-story to the Catacombs Dungeon that’s making an appearance in the sequel.
There’s been a stack of Guild Wars 2 information in the past couple of weeks and the updates just keep on coming. The latest ArenaNet developer blog has been posted by Horia Dociu , the Cinematic Department Lead who discusses the creation process and gives further background to the video.
In this particular cinematic, we actually get to see the charr laying siege to Ascalon, watch the walls of the human city crumble, and hear the mad King Adelbern damning the entire kingdom with his infamous cursed sword Magdaer. These types of cinematics are a fun way for us and the fans to get a glimpse into Tyria’s history, and actually show in the most dramatic way possible how history has come to pass.
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