Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Elite Specialization beta event announced

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Elite Specialization Beta Event

The next Guild Wars 2 expansion, End of Dragons, will add a new Elite Specialization for each class in the MMORPG. The Mesmer was the first class to have its upcoming Elite Specialization teased. And now, ArenaNet has released a short video showing the Virtuoso’s abilities in action. The developer also announced that players will get a chance to try the Virtuoso Mesmer in an upcoming Guild Wars 2 Elite Specialization beta event.

The beta event will take place from August 17 to 21. Along with the Virtuoso, players will also be able to try two additional Elite Specializations. Based on the teaser picture colors, it seems those will be the Necromancer and Guardian classes.


Mental dagger master

Guild Wars 2 classes are only able to use certain weapons. However, Elite Specializations allow a class to wield a new weapon and gain access to a new set of powerful skills. The Mesmer has never been able to wield a dagger, but the Virtuoso Elite Specialization coming in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons will be able to use a dagger as its main-hand weapon.

The Virtuoso’s real power lies in the mental daggers that float around the mind mage. It can use Bladesongs to damage enemies, apply conditions to them, and defend itself. Check out the Virtuoso in action below.

How to join the Guild Wars 2 Elite Specialization beta

All you need to dive into Cantha with the new Elites is a Guild Wars 2 account. You don’t need to pre-purchase End of Dragons. If you don’t own Guild Wars 2 yet, you can download it for free from the game’s website and still join the beta.

When you log in to the MMORPG on August 17, you will find three character slots that can only be used to create an End of Dragons Elite Specialization character. The character you create will have max level gear (level 80) so that you don’t need to waste time farming. You can get straight to exploring and fighting. You can even dive into existing content with the new characters if you like. Personally, I’d much rather explore Cantha.

Once the beta event is over, the Elite Specialization characters you create will vanish back into the Mists, as will all of the progress you make with the character. Don’t get too attached.

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