Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons opens the way to Cantha with today’s launch

Guild Wars 2 End Of Dragons Expansion

The third expansion for Guild Wars 2 is finally here, bringing with it nine new Elite Specializations, new features and mechanics, and a whole continent of new content. It’s an exciting day for players of the highly successful MMORPG, as well as those who played one of the original expansions, Guild Wars: Factions, back in 2006. ArenaNet has marked the launch of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons with the release of an epic new CG trailer.

End of Dragons is set in Cantha, a continent that has been closed off from the rest of Tyria for 200 years. In that time, the landscape, cities, and culture have advanced at a significant rate, largely thanks to the material called dragonjade. Cantha has leapfrogged into the future and become a bastion of culture and technology. However, the power of the elder dragons is now threatening to destroy everything the people of Cantha have built.


Crashland in Cantha

In End of Dragons, you will discover some long-kept secrets of the Elder Dragons as you race to try and save the continent from disaster. You’ll unlock new powers with the new Elite Specializations. These all have a bit of the Canthan flavor to them and will give you new ways to play familiar classes, like the new Thief Elite Specialization, Specter, that wields a scepter and focuses on supporting the team. A support Thief. I love that.

Arguably, the most exciting part of End of Dragons is the new Jade Bot companion. This will allow you to traverse landscapes in new ways, bolster your skills with some minor upgrades, and even revive yourself in battle. The Jade Bots have plenty of customizable options for you to discover.

You can purchase Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons from the game’s official website if you’d like to hop into the newly launched expansion. There are three options available, starting at $29.99.

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