Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga Episode 4 has been revealed

Guild Wars 2 Icebrood Saga Episode 4 Jormag Rising

Guild Wars 2 will soon see its fourth episode in the Icebrood Saga. Titled “Jormag Rising,” the episode will open up the northern half of the latest addition to the world map, Drizzlewood Coast. Of course, the story will continue as well, though like the previous episode, without voice acting for now. Once the COVID restrictions have been lifted, the voice lines will be added.

The episode is set to release on July 28, but if you’d rather wait for the voice-acted version, then simply log in while the episode is live to make sure it stays available on your account forever.

As the charr civil war continues, Jormag is stirring. The Elder Dragon of ice has sent out a new lieutenant into the fray, and it’s up to the players to venture into the northern part of Drizzlewood Coast to put an end to it through the extended meta event.

But there’s more than just a new Claw of Jormag to fight. The Mastery track for the Icebrood Saga has been expanded, and will allow players to use what ArenaNet has dubbed the Iron Legion Medizooka, claiming it’s “probably safe to use.” (Reassuring indeed!) ArenaNet also implies that there is more to use than the Medizooka, though we’ll have to wait until July 28 to find out what that entails.

Jormag Rising brings new and returning features to Guild Wars 2

As for unlockables and new items, there are a few weapon upgrades, as well as a weapon set to acquire. That’s always a welcome thing considering most of the cosmetics in Guild Wars 2 are part of the Gem Store these days. The two existing weapon sets, Stormcaller and Boneskinner, will be upgradeable to a second tier.

Also, new adventures! The first Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, introduced players to adventures. Fun mini-games scattered around the world where players could compete against others by setting the best time on the leaderboards. A few more were added here and there over the years, but it’s been a good while since we saw the full return of the beloved feature. In Jormag Rising, we’ll see three new adventures added.

All in all, the episode looks decently sized. It’s yet unknown how many episodes there will be in this saga, especially considering ArenaNet’s Andrew Gray’s words on returning to a more open-world, Season 1 style of episodes after episode four. And after that? Well, hopefully, we can start looking towards the next Guild Wars 2 expansion.

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