GW2 Video Q&A: Felicia Day Stars

NCsoft’s developers have given fans a run-down of the races video that was released last week, revealing that the nerd-favourite pin-up girl Felicia Day voices one of the characters.

Day took a break from her starring role in The Guid to play GW2’s Zojja the asura, alongside other actors including Steve Blum (Spectacular Spider-Man) and Kari Wahlgren (Wolverine and the X-Men, Aliens in the Attic).

The video, seen over on IncGamers TV, introduces the five races that will feature in Guild Wars 2. One character from each race gives a brief speech, describing their background and role. The five characters are actually from a famous adventuring group, Destiny’s Edge, who’s heroic deeds are spoke of far and wide. From the Q&A:Logan Thackeray—Captain Logan Thackeray is a commander in the Seraph guard of Divinity’s Reach, defender of the last human kingdom. When danger threatens, Logan faces it with the determination of a man who knows that he is the only thing standing between all that he loves… and its utter destruction. Rytlock Brimstone—This ruthless charr warrior has risen quickly through the ranks of the Blood Legion to become a Tribune of great renown. He stands foremost among the charr of the Black Citadel, carrying a sword of fire and leading their armies to greatness. Eir Stegalkin—Eir is a norn hero and tactician of great renown. There are those who call her a visionary, who say she speaks to the Spirits of the Wild. With her companion wolf, Garm, Eir roams the icy Shiverpeaks, bow and blade in hand, searching for meaning in the snow’s silence. Zojja— The foremost apprentice of the venerable asura inventor Snaff, Zojja seeks to live up to her mentor’s legacy. Zojja’s intellect is unrivaled even by members of the Arcane Council of Rata Sum, and her ability to multitask across a spectrum of disciplines inspires awe and jealousy among her fellow asura. Caithe— Her blades are as swift as a blooded sunset, her movement as silent as the fall of night. Caithe was among the first sylvari to step upon the earth of Tyria, but where the others turned toward the sun, she sought shadow. She has never been afraid to gaze into darkness – or to seek truths that others fear.
The video also shows some spectacular locations from GW2, including the human capital Divinity’s Reach, The Black Citadel, the Charr capital built on the ruins of Ascalon and the home of the Norn, Hoelbrak. The Sylvari birthplace, The Grove, is also on show, as is Rata Sum, home of the Asura.

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