House Of Hades Upgrades House Contractor Guide

The House of Hades acts as your main hub in, well, the game Hades. You’re automatically teleported here whenever you die, and you can meet a diverse cast of characters. There are also several House of Hades upgrades that you can unlock via the House Contractor and Mirror of Night, as well as rewards that can be earned from the Fated List of Prophecies. Here’s our guide to help you out.

Note: This guide is intended for Hades’ early access stage and certain mechanics may change in due course. For more information, check out our Hades guides and features hub.

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The House of Hades guide

The House of Hades has multiple areas, each with certain characters, unlockables, or tangents that add to the story. Refer to each page below for the content that you’d like to learn more about:

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