Half-Line Miami mash-up now released for free

Half-Line Miami mash-up now released for free

Back in June we told you about a game called Half-Line Miami which was being created by developer Thomas Kole. Today this weird mash-up of PC gaming favourites Half Life and Hotline Miami has been released.

Half-Line Miami is a Hotline Miami style game where you run about recreated Half Life maps with the Half Life gravity gun. Thomas has been a decent chap and released the game for free to today via his website and the download includes eight levels from regions in Half Life 2, a soundtrack, and “relentless gravity gun fun”.

There’s more good news too because this game also comes with a level editor and Thomas has also released docs on how it works.

The download is a very reasonable 96Mb and it looks fun so give it s shot now. It’s free so there’s no excuse.

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