Hall Of Monuments To Reward Guild Wars Players In Sequel

ArenaNet has outlined another rather neat feature for its sequel to Guild Wars – rewards from the Hall of Monuments.
The Hall of Monuments (HoM to its friends) is present in the original Guild Wars as an in-game representation of players’ achievements. These deeds continue to “shine through the ages,” which in videogame speak translates as transferrable goodies for any Guild Wars 2 character you happen to create.
ArenaNet is keen to stress that these are low-level goodies, so as not to give former players a huge advantage in the sequel. They do also mention, however, that they are working on a way for these items to level-up with your character.
But what kind of trinkets can you claim? A new washing machine? A silver dining set? A cuddly toy? Well, no, those would be a bit useless on an adventure. It’s more like armour, weapons and capable animal chums.
The easiest way to see precisely what you might be entitled to is to head over to the Guild Wars 2 Hall Of Monuments Calculator, and stick in your Guild Wars character name.
Or, look below for some visual images of a few of the potential rewards.


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