Halo: The Master Chief Collection updates may change after Season 8

Halo Master Chief Collection Mcc

It was a miracle to some when Halo: The Master Chief Collection (MCC) arrived on PC. The collection of Halo games first found a home on Microsoft’s Xbox One console, albeit with a not-so-smooth launch. Despite its road bumps along the way, the collection found a new home on PC thanks to Steam and the Microsoft Store. There have been various updates, patches, and features added during its lifetime, most of which coming in detailed updates on the Halo Waypoint blog. It looks as though 343 Industries might change the format of Halo: The Master Chief Collection updates with the arrival of Halo Infinite on December 8, 2021.

The update from 343 shouldn’t cause alarm for those dedicated MCC players. For starters, the groundwork for the new format was discussed earlier this year in the spring. When it comes to development, it might be easy to throw all things Halo done by 343 into one bucket. The studio does note that there is a certain level of co-mingling between the two teams in terms of support, services, and the overall community. Where the road starts to diverge is when you’re talking about two separate Halo games co-existing under the same umbrella. This looks to be the driving factor behind the decision to change the format of big, detailed updates for each new season.


A new season

As far as Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Season 8 goes, it will be the last official update. However, it marks the passing of the torch from one era to the next. This is a turning point not only for Halo fans but, for 343 itself. After a few delays, some reworking, and the beta flights for the multiplayer earlier this year, the new format will most likely add the framework needed to support both the MCC and Halo Infinite for years to come.

Halo Mcc Season 8

You can find more information about Season 8 and what the future has in store on the Halo Waypoint blog. There are even details about the future of accessibility options and mod support for Steam users.

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