Hand In Glove: Hitman 5 Confirmed By ARG

For a while now, a thread on the Hitman forums has been engaged in one of those ever-so-trendy ‘Alternate Reality Games.’ Their findings appear to confirm Hitman 5.
The thread has been there for a while, but only now have screenshots begun to emerge. There’s also a pseudo-confirmation from IO Interative’s ‘Nick,’ who, after the most recent batch of findings, says “You found the pay-off already.”
You can read the whole tale by starting from the beginning. As is the way with these things, not a huge amount has been uncovered, but it seems safe to now say that Hitman 5 is indeed in the works. Other hints also point towards a proper reveal at E3, which may or may not be accurate, but which would make sense.
For now, enjoy this image of a familiar man wearing a glove and savour the possibilities of a new Hitman title.

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