HAWKEN April patch is deployed with Co-Op Team Deathmatch


The latest patch for the mech shooter HAWKEN has now been released and this update brings more tweaks and also a new game mode.

In the new Co-Op Team Deathmatch mode players can join with five other players and battle against the bots which could be good for practice sessions. Maps that are playable in this mode include Wreckage, Facility, Bunker and Prosk.

Other changes in this patch include Pilot/Mech Progression, global camouflage which means they can be applied to all purchased mechs, bug fixes, and of course the obligatory mech balancing updates. There’s also new cockpit decorations, reticles, emblems and camos available as you’d expect with a major patch.

A recent developer post also outlines the team’s priorities following this patch which will include a ladder system, private server options, Steam Account Linking and tackling the problem of players leaving matches early. I hate those guys!

There’s lot’s to digest if you’re still stomping around in the game. The full patch notes are pretty lengthy so check them all out over on the HAWKEN site.

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