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Damn, now everybody will know my password is 1h34rt0bs1d14n.

You may have thought the Heartbleed-based password changing frenzy was over, but no. Since it was potentially affecting any site using compromised OpenSSL software as a log-in, that covers a whole lot of sites. Obsidian has informed its Pillars of Eternity backers that the Eternity site may be one of those.

Unfortunately, the Eternity website was running an affected version of this software, and as soon as we became aware of it, we took the appropriate steps to close the vulnerability. While we have no evidence or other reasons to believe any passwords or personal information was stolen, we do recommend you change your password if you have an account, especially if you reuse this same password on other sites.

If you backed Pillars of Eternity and have created an account to claim your pledge tier reward, you’ll have a log-in and password at the site. To change the password, log-in (after spending quite a while remembering what your log-in details actually are, if you’re me,) click the profile button and then find the passwords tab on the page that’s brought up.

In better Eternity news, the rest of the latest update goes super in-depth about the music that will feature in the game with audio director Justin Bell. He writes a lot about the work process, composition, and the approach Obsidian is going for with this soundtrack. There’s also an early track available to listen to. This is what you’ll hear (subject to change, I guess) when wandering through Dyrford Village.

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