Hearthstone leaves beta and is now fully released

hearthstone blade 2

Blizzard are confident that Hearthstone is ready for general public consumption and announced that the game has now left beta. Following months of testing, Hearthstone has now been released for anyone interested it playing the World of Warcraft inspired digital card game.

Blizzard’s CEO Mike Morhaime added:

“We saw some reports early on that Hearthstone might destroy the planet. We’re pleased to see that the game has been released and the planet is still here . . . though we apologize for all the lost productivity.”

Hearthstone is now free to play on PC and Mac with iPad support coming at some point in the future. I’m also pretty sure there were mumblings at BlizzCon of it coming to Android devices at some point in the future too. It will consume everything.

We can vouch for the fact that the game is highly addictive in a weird mesmerising way and  we  were  pleased with how it was shaping up. We have a feeling that many, many hours are going to be spent playing this if you get fully engrossed.

Watch out for a review here on IncGamers now it’s been fully released and you can start playing it right now.

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