Astute followers of Hearts of Iron IV had probably noticed by now that a ‘Q2’ release date for the game was looking increasingly impossible. Paradox has confirmed those suspicions today, with an update on the proposed release date for the WWII grand strategy title.

As you may have anticipated, the release window has been delayed to an (as yet) unspecified period.

“[Hearts of Iron IV] is a very ambitious project and we want to give it the time it needs to become the game we, and probably many of you, envisioned. We’re sorry if we’ve disappointed you with not being able to keep the Q2 release date (we’re of course a bit disappointed too!), yet we strongly believe this course of action will lead to the best possible end result,” the statement reads.

According to Paradox, the development studio are close to finalising a large “milestone” in the creation process, and a new release window will be decided upon after this is complete.

There’s some disappointment in the comments, but also a repeated sentiment that players don’t want another Hearts of Iron III (a game which had a particularly rough launch,) so are happy to accept a delay on the basis that it results in a more polished game.

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