Can’t wait to get your hands on TinyBuild’s Hellpoint? Then you’ve got some good news coming this weekend.

The publisher, alongside the developers at Cradle Games, have announced the release of a new sequel chapter to the upcoming game. Titled, The Thespian Feast, it’s a standalone adventure that’s available now on Steam, free of charge.

Matt Boudreau, creative director for Cradle Games, considers this chapter a special release. He notes, “this is the map from the very first demo we released four years ago.” He goes on to add that it’s “the sixth map if you follow the main path,” but believes, “players will find it interesting” in terms of the progress that’s been made.

Are you ready for a curious snack?

Players will have to deal with, “thespian demons, a race of flesh sculpting monsters and blood feasting degenerates.” Not to mention a, “new brutal boss fight.” You might want to call upon a partner to help you out in split-screen co-op.

The trailer below sets the tone for what lies ahead in The Thespian Feast.

The description for the game, posted here, explains that, “only the most inquisitive minds end up here before their time comes.” With that, you’ll need to be ready, as, “the ethers of truth are just out of reach, irrelevantly close.” As a result, “the wicked, darkened, smothering demons that claw at the mind shall soon manifest in flesh and blood, for a feast of legends.” (Hence, the name of the free DLC chapter.)

It’s definitely going to be on the tough side, so bring a friend if you can. Hellpoint’s The Thespian Feast is available now. And once you’ve completed it, you can get ready for the game’s full release when it drops on April 16. You can set it to your wishlist here.

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