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I mock your puny pesticides.

Blizzard has been tilling the ground for a new Heroes of the Storm map, so you can expect the fresh shoots of the three-lane battleground to poke through soon. In a write-up on the official blog, Senior Technical Designer Meng Song talks about the leafy locales in The Garden of Terror.

So yes, it’s a new map that they’ll be adding to the beta in the near future. It has a day/night sequence and during night time is when things get a bit weird and spooky. The usual mercenary camps will disappear and the NIGHT HORRORS will emerge. When something is called a Night Horror that’s usually a bad sign. So it proves, because night time won’t actually end until all the Night Horrors are dead.

Of course you may not want night to end. Perhaps you’re using the cover of darkness to launch a sneaky attack on the enemy base, or something.

Heroes of the Storm players should also prepare for some hardcore seed gathering, because if a team collects 100 seeds and plants them in the fertile soil at their base (not a garden pun, it’s actually called fertile soil) they can summon “the almighty Garden Terror.” He’s actually a player. Whoever puts the seeds in the soil (or the 100th seed, I guess) transforms into said Terror. I’d imagine he’s the large chap in the image above.

Garden Terror has a pair of abilities: Plant Horror Overgrowth (disables and damages enemy buildings around the casting area) and Spore Queen’s Curse (which handily turns foes into shambling plant zombies for a bit.)

If I were a terrible person obsessed with gardening puns, I’d say that sounds like something for Heroes of the Storm beta players to really dig in to. But I’m clearly not. So I won’t.

Here’s an overview of the map.

heroes of the storm02


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