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For the past few years now, Hideo Kojima and his company, Kojima Productions, have been hard at work on Death Stranding. But while we wait for its arrival on PC this year, Famitsu recently interviewed the director behind this and other hit games to discuss what he’s doing next. And while he remained cryptic in his answers, he did let on that he wouldn’t mind working on some smaller games.

What is Kojima up to?

In the new interview, loosely translated by DualShockers, Kojima noted that he’d like to work on multiple game projects. Some are in the works at the moment, with one “big” game on the horizon. But while he’s putting effort into that one, he also feels that smaller games would do the studio good as well.

This includes episodic games or possibly digital-only games. He hopes to be able to develop and release them in the midst of working on that “big” project he mentioned. He didn’t provide any kind of details or timetable, so we might have to wait a bit for that.

Kojima also noted the idea of working on other items. He expressed a desire to work with artist Yoji Shinkawa on a possible anime or manga project, and he also wants to direct a movie. Again, that’s a ways off, since Death Stranding hasn’t even hit PC yet. But there’s always some hope for the future.

Dualshocker has more details on what Kojima intends to do with Kojima Productions moving forward. But it sounds like he has a lot on his plate. And it’ll be interesting to see what he dishes out next.

In the meantime, Death Stranding is set to arrive this summer on PC from 505 Games. You can preorder it on Steam and check out its trailer, from the PlayStation 4 version, below.

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