High on Life: How to get the Jetpack

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You play as a space bounty hunter in High on Life, which came to us from Squanch Games and Rick and Morty creator, Justin Roiland. And as said hunter of bounties, you’re equipped with space-age technology with your bounty suit. Among the cool pieces of tech, such as a Dodge Unit, you can also get something that let’s you become more vertical. Here’s our guide on how to get the jetpack in High on Life.

The jetpack is one of the many mobility tools you’ll claim in High on Life. It sits nicely alongside the Dodge Unit, letting you maneuver easily through the air and reach locations a jump couldn’t reach. But unlike the Dodge Unit, getting the jetpack in High on Life takes a few more steps.

To get the jetpack, you’ll need to defeat both Krubis and Douglas, the next targets on your bounty list. Both targets will reward you with a new Gatlian weapon, so it’s your choice on who to go after first. Krubis will award you with Gus, a shotgun-type weapon with a suction alt-fire. His special lets you create new platforms on walls that look like volcanic rock. Douglas awards you with Sweezy, a gun that fires explosive crystals and whose special creates a time-slowing bubble. For the latter, be sure to hit up our guide on how to stop the fans.

High on Life: How to get the Jetpack

With both bounties dead, return home and talk with Gene. He suggests you go speak with Magistrate Clugg, who wants to help you on your quest. Once that’s finished, go back home and chat with Gene again. Afterwards, turn in your bounty. Now, you finally know how to get the jetpack in High on Life. Like with the Dodge Unit, you’ll need to purchase it at Mr. Keeps Pawn Shop. Head over there by following your waypoint marker. There is a short, concession man named Stan vying for your attention. Speak to him if you want, but you may not like what he’s peddling.

High On Life How To Get The Jetpack Shop

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Once you make it to Mr. Keeps, check out the Jetpack Reservation Card on the counter. Hold the buy button to buy it for 999 Pesos. Unfortunately, this is just a reservation for a pack. You’ll need to go back home, talk with Gene again, and then go to bed. Once you wake up, you’ll find yourself with a brand new jetpack.

How to use the jetpack

With the jetpack equipped, you can now reach places like never before in High on Life. Holding the jump button or key lets you fly up vertically, and you can move around to get to where you want to go. Holding crouch while in the air allows you to hover around. There is a fuel gauge, so keep an eye on how much you have. Once you burn through your fuel, you fall like a rock. The height meter shows how high you’re able to go.

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