Hitman 3: The Leader and Drive It Home challenge

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home

Hitman 3‘s Berlin level has a plethora of challenges you can complete when you confront The Leader. This includes a way to cheese the “Drive It Home” assassination challenge. Here’s our guide.

Note: For more information, check out our Hitman 3 Berlin/Apex Predator guide, as well as our guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains major spoilers.


Hitman 3: Berlin guide – Taking out the Leader and cheesing “Drive It Home”

The Leader is none other than Agent Montgomery, the commander of an ICA squad sent to hunt you down. You can confront him and annihilate as many rival agents as possible.

Anyway, the idea is to reach the biker hideout shortcut at the northern edge of the map. From here, you’ll see the stairwell going down.

Htmn3 Brln Apx Mont Dih 1

Follow it to spot a pipe which you can use to slide further down.

This will lead you to the office of Hirschmuller, the club’s owner.

Htmn3 Brln Apx Mont Dih 2

Hirschmuller is surrounded by two bodyguards, so try to use coins to distract and incapacitate them.

Oh, and you might also notice Agent Montgomery dropping by to intimate the club’s owner (try to stay hidden).

Htmn3 Brln Apx Mont Dih 3

Let’s say you subdued Hirschmuller, there are a few things you could do:

  • Pick up the Juice Bar Ticket – Completes “The Golden Ticket.”
  • Wear Hirschmuller’s outfit – Completes “The Club Owner.”
  • Take his phone book and use the phone to call a meeting – This will lead to an encounter with Agent Montgomery.

Important save: I suggest saving your game now while you’re listening to the conversation in your earpiece. Eventually, Montgomery will say that you’re surrounded. That means he and his goons are ready to barge in.

Htmn3 Brln Apx Mont Dih 4

If you sat down on the chair, Montgomery will gloat about the idea that he’s going to kill Agent 47. He’ll also bring three agents with him to finish you off (Banner, Chamberlin, and Thames).

You won’t be able to save while he’s talking. But, once the dialogue ends, you’ll complete “There Was A Firefight.”

Htmn3 Brln Apx Mont Dih 5

“Drive It Home” made easier

Push the desk and get ready to blast everyone around you. Sadly, you won’t be able to get a Silent Assassin ranking since everyone’s seen you already. At the very least, you should be able to kill all four hostile agents. Having 4/5 agents killed beforehand, then doing “There Was A Firefight” and bringing down more targets helps you get “Drive It Home” too. Just ensure that Banner, Chamberlin, and Thames are the ones that are still alive since they’re Montgomery’s backup.

Note: As for the cheese, any agent you incapacitated beforehand will also count towards the tally. For instance, I had Price and Green subdued, but I killed Swan and Davenport (2/5 agents). After killing Montgomery’s quartet (6/5 agents), Price and Green were also added to the total (8/5 agents). Those extra three agents counted as “eliminations while evacuating” after the fifth guy was downed. Subduing some agents will also help if you want to do Rule of Threes and Silent Assassin during this run without having to do another run.

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home 1

What about Silent Assassin?

Assuming you really want to get the Silent Assassin ranking when you finish this stage, well, you’ll need to save-scum as often as possible. If you get into a firefight with the agents, you’ll fail the requirement since they’d spot you.

As such, rather than sitting down to let Montgomery brag, hide inside the cabinet and wait for him to arrive.

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home 2

He’ll turn his back while searching for you, so quickly drop him, then hide his body in the cabinet.

Next, use a silenced weapon to kill the two agents near the lockers. Try to get instant kills so that neither agent has time to react when the person next to them gets downed.

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home 3

A guard (not an agent, but probably Montgomery’s pal) pops up along with the fourth agent. Shoot the fourth agent and make your way to the guard.

Toss a coin to distract him, subdue him, then hide his body in the locker. With any luck, no one else should barge in.

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home 4

Oh, and just so you know that the cheese works, you can see the image below. Montgomery’s only subdued (I can still snap his neck). But, the red crosshair pip (symbolizing that he’s a hostile agent) has disappeared. The mission’s done, and Sleeping Monty counted as an elimination. The Silent Assassin icon is still there, too.

Lastly, don’t murder the sleeping agent/s even if you encounter them when the mission’s over. It’ll count as a non-target kill.

Hitman 3 Berlin Montgomery Drive It Home 5

Hitman 3 is available via the Epic Games Store. For more information, check out our Berlin level guide as well as our guides and features hub.

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