The first level of Hitman 3 can be beaten in under 10 seconds without any glitches

Hitmain 3 Dubai

The world of speedrunning is one that usually requires extensive knowledge of glitches and precision button presses. Although that is the case for most speedruns against the clock, the Dubai level of Hitman 3 doesn’t call upon the glitch gods in order to take out the game’s first two targets. In fact, they appear right at the start of the Dubai level and can be picked off with the right set of tools. Those tools just happen to be a keen eye and a quick set of hands.

There are currently two speedrunners out there who are competing to get the fastest time of executing the two targets in the first level, On Top of the World. The scene takes place in a skyscraper in Dubai, which isn’t exactly devoid of people. Wreak and Der_Lauch_Linus are both chasing the elusive goal of clearing the level the quickest. As seen in the videos, Agent 47 enters the room and is greeted by a staircase.  Instead of running up the stationary escalator, players can instead peer up onto the third floor and view the two targets highlighted in red. As seen in the speedrunning video from Wreak, if you don’t get the view quite right, you can always restart the entry point into the room to make sure all of your timing is planned out.


That was easy

Once you have both targets in view, it only takes a few silenced bullets to cap one, veer to the left, and execute the last one. People are visibly alerted by the shots, but won’t pursue you any further. Agent 47 is then free to walk out the door from which he entered unscathed.


It’s unclear as to whether this was purposely done or if it was simply an oversight by the development team. This might have been poor spawn points for the targets or a problem with the game’s AI system. Either way, it does make for some unintended, yet entertaining, Dubai speedruns involving precision and quick hands in Hitman 3. It seems easy enough that you too could be On Top of the World soon.

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