Hitman 3 Progress Migration
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Buying a game on the day it comes out is always going to be a mixed bag. Players will experience bugs, glitches, and other problems in the first few days of any game being out. Hitman 3 also has its share of issues, although they don’t have much to do with the game itself. Instead, it’s IO Interactive that’s having a bit of a problem. The Hitman 3 developer’s site for progress migration is reportedly struggling under the weight of all the new bald killers.

IO Interactive has generated a lot of noise about one of Hitman 3‘s features — players can revisit any map from the past two games in it. When this was first revealed, there were a lot of questions asked and not many answers. Slowly, IO Interactive revealed more about this feature, saying that players would need to have owned the past two Hitman titles to access their maps. In all, not a problem. That was until many realized they had bought the first two Hitman games on Steam, and that Hitman 3 would be an Epic Games Store exclusive.

Contract completed on IO’s website

IO Interactive quickly addressed those concerns. The developer confirmed that players wouldn’t have to purchase the games again on the Epic Games Store to get all their content. Instead, it was setting up a site for quickly moving progress over. That brings us to today, with the site congested by a deluge of Hitmen. This is even preventing players from actually starting Hitman 3. The game’s pre-launch guide makes it clear that bringing progress over from past Hitman titles clears out any Hitman 3 save data. The developer even recommends importing data before starting the game.

In a statement on Twitter, IO Interactive said it was working on fixing any issues players are having with the Hitman 3 progress migration site. Mostly, those issues are coming in the form of actually making IOI accounts or players linking their Steam and Epic Games accounts.

If you’re keen on picking up the grand finale in IO Interactive’s Hitman trilogy, it’s available right now on the Epic Games Store for $60 USD.

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