There have been a few questions raised about whether Hitman Absolution will be able to re-capture the ingenius design of Hitman Blood Money, or whether it’ll just be a star-studded box of gimmicks like ‘Hitman instinct’ (otherwise known as ‘see-through-walls-ability’, or ‘Batman’s detective vision’).
Those questions aren’t about to be answered definitively by this new trailer, but the implication in this new footage is that Agent 47 may be able to go about his business in the old-fashioned stealthy way (as well as the psycho axe-wielding option). Without a full segment of gameplay from a level being played in a Blood Money-esque fashion, it’s impossible to tell. But the voiceover is making the right kind of statements, at least.
See what you think for yourselves, with the video below. Hitman Absolution will be released on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. You can read John’s preview of the game, here.

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