Those hanging on for a physical, disc release of the latest Hitman title will be able to pick up the ‘Complete Season One’ early in 2017. IO Interactive (and Square Enix) will release the full, combined set of episodes and bonus episodes on 31 January.

The announcement says the PC version will be getting a disc release too, though whether it has the entire game on or just comes with a Steam code isn’t immediately clear. Either way, the game requires Steam to run. ‘Complete Season One’ will include the Prologue missions and all six location missions (France, Italy, Morocco, Thailand, USA, Japan), as well as three bonus missions (two that have already been released for Sapienza and Marrakesh, plus a third called ‘Landslide’ that’s yet to be released).

Hitman will get a ‘day one’ Steelbook edition, and as well as a set of retail goodies. A digital soundtrack containing the game’ score, a ‘making of’ Hitman documentary, and a Requiem Blood Money pack which includes “the signature Blood Money white suit, white rubber duck and chrome ICA pistol”.

The Blood Money pack will also be sold separately from 31 January.


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