Hogwarts Legacy: Where to find all the Astronomy Tables

We'll be counting stars for this collectible.

There are numerous types of puzzles in this Harry Potter game, such as the Moth Mirror puzzles, and even the Astronomy Tables. We can tell you where to find all the Astronomy Tables in Hogwarts Legacy.

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Compared to the other collect-them-alls in Hogwarts Legacy, the Astronomy Tables are later introduced, fewer in number, and with a simple reward at the end. But if looking at the constellations is your thing, you may find hunting them all down fun nonetheless.

Finding the Astronomy Tables: How to start the quest

To unlock the Astronomy Tables, you must do the Astronomy Class quest. After cutscenes and dialogue, Amit will offer to give you his old telescope. Retrieve it from just down the stairs, then descend the tower steps to talk to him.

You’ll both move outside the walls, so follow him. When he asks you to lead, go in the door on the wall ahead of you and progress the path to the next door. There’s a chest in the next room and a cobweb for you to burn down. Beyond that door, you’ll find the first Astronomy Table. Press the “F” key to interact with it.

Here you’ll find each Astronomy Table comes with a quick minigame. You must line the stars up with the pattern that appears on the screen. For this first one, all you need to do is zoom in a lot in order to line it up and find the Lyra constellation.

Amit tells you more are around to find, and the quest is completed. Now the hunt begins. There are only 14 more to find. Note that Astronomy tables can only be used at night, so expect to make good use of the wait mechanic while you’re hunting.

Where to find the Astronomy Tables, upper half of the map

There is one hidden in Hogwarts itself by the walls near the greenhouse. The best way to access this one is to start at the North Entrance Floo Station and fly over in front of the greenhouse. It’s right in front of the Hidden Herbology Corridor from the “Venomous Valor” sidequest. Zoom out and rotate just a little counterclockwise, then zoom back in a little to line it up. This gives you the Phoenix constellation.

Outside of the castle to the west of the Forbidden Forest Entrance. Turn the constellation clockwise and zoom out for Scorpius.

East of the West Forbidden Forest Floo Station, by the Hippogriff Den. Zoom out and rotate almost the whole way clockwise to see Draco.

This one is next to San Bakar’s tower. Zoom out almost all the way and turn it counterclockwise quite a ways for Centarius.

You’ll find this one next to Upper Hogsfield just behind the Floo Station. Rotate counterclockwise then zoom in a little to line it up and get Leo.

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Where to find the Astronomy Tables in the middle area of the map

Southwest of Brocburrow across the river. Be warned there’s a Dark Mongrel right there. Zoom out and rotate counterclockwise, then zoom out until it lines up. You’ll find the Corvus constellation.

This one is west of Feldcroft. Be careful, as there are level 29 enemies nearby. Rotate it clockwise, then zoom in a lot. You’ll find Horologium.

By the North Feldcroft Floo Station, you’ll find the next Astronomy Table. Be wary as there are enemies around. Move the star pattern down a little, zoom in a lot, then rotate clockwise a little to see Lacerta.

At the top of the tower in the castle ruins next to Keenbridge. Fly up to the tower top for the easiest access. Rotate clockwise then zoom in a lot to discover Capricornus.

Where to find the Astronomy Tables in the lower half of the map

South Poidsear Coast, next to a ruined building. Zoom out a lot and rotate counterclockwise to see the Hydra.

South of the Coastal Mine, up on the mountain. Zoom in close, then rotate counterclockwise to get the Canis Major.

South of Clagmar Castle is up next. Zoom all the way out and rotate clockwise, then zoom in and adjust to fit to find Lupus.

Head inside the castle ruins at the southern end of Manor Cape. Be careful, as there are several level 29 Ashwinder enemies and a level 35 boss just below where the table is. Zoom out and rotate clockwise, then zoom in a little to see Sagittarius.

Finally, the last one is South of Cragcroft. Zoom out near the max, then rotate clockwise and zoom in slightly to discover Cetus.

Astronomy Table Rewards

You can access the rewards for finding each table under Challenges in Exploration by scrolling down towards the bottom. You get a set of three different Gear Appearances: Starry-eyed Seer’s Scarf, Starry-eyed Seer’s Ensemble, and Starry-eyed Seer’s Cape. Put them together to get this:

Hogwarts Legacy Where To Find All The Astronomy Tables Reward
Screenshot by PC Invasion

Certainly makes for a fitting astronomy look, and now you’ve completed another set of things to find in Hogwarts Legacy.

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