Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the Venomous Valor quest Duncan featured

Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the Venomous Valor quest

It's not quite poison ivy, but possibly worse.

Even before Hogwarts Legacy allows you to grow your own Venomous Tentaculas for use in combat, they’re a part of yet another side quest about hidden Hogwarts passages, dangerous plants, and of course a returning icon: the Devil’s Snare. Here’s how to complete the ‘Venomous Valor’ quest in Hogwarts Legacy, get yourself a new robe appearance, and prove yourself brave regardless of if you’re a Gryffindor or not.

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Venomous Valor side quest – Hogwarts Legacy

Starting location and NPC

The quest starts with Duncan Hobhouse, found at the bottom of the Defense Against The Dark Arts staircase and to the left. He will tell you about how he wants to prove he is brave by proving he obtained a Venomous Tentacula leaf from the hidden Herbology corridor housing scary plants. Naturally he asks you to do it instead, because getting others to do it for you is is indeed very brave.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the Venomous Valor quest Start

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Finding the Corridor

Use the Greenhouses Floo Station and exit up the stairs into the Central Hall and take a right through the door. Go through the corridor and past the door at its left end by the statue. From there, go down the stairs and through the double doors.

You’ll find yourself in the courtyard. Go right through the first visible exit, and down the path to the fountain.

Hogwarts Legacy: How to complete the Venomous Valor quest Gateway Out By Fountain

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Travel through the archway, down the stairs, and there you’ll find the corridor entrance down by the trees on the side of the wall.

Venomous Valor Hidden Corridor Entrance

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Inside the Corridor

Venomous Valor Hidden Corridor Devil Snare

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When you enter, use Lumos to ward off the Devil’s Snare growing everywhere. There is a chest up the stairs. Proceed down the main path once you’ve opened it.

Venomous Valor Hidden Corridor Lit Torches

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Past the quest objective path there’s another chest with unlit torches and a puddle infested with Devil’s Snare. You could Lumos your way to it, or you could Incendio the torches to clear the way.

Venomous Valor Hidden Corridor Venomous Tentacula

Screenshot by PC Invasion

Back on the main path towards the quest objective with Lumos once more active is the Venomous Tentacula plant. Collect its leaf and don’t forget there’s gold on the table behind you before you exit to the Greenhouse.

Floo back to the Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower and talk to Duncan again. You can choose to give it to him or keep it for yourself. Either way, the quest completes.

The rewards for completing the Venomous Valor side quest in Hogwarts Legacy

Venomous Valor Hidden Corridor Outfit Reward

Doesn’t quite go with my outfit, but it’s unique. Screenshot by PC Invasion

As a reward, you get a Venomous Tentacula Robe appearance. Stylish, maybe?

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Steam.

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