June 20th, 2017

Home Instance of Cards: Cutthroat Politics comes to Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2 cutthroat politics

Today marks the beginning of election time in Guild Wars 2, with NCsoft and ArenaNet promising that the election will let players have a big impact on the future of Guild Wars 2.

An assassination has led to a vacancy on Lion Arch’s Captain’s Council, and there are two candidates vying for the job. Players can choose to support either Evon Gnashblade, head of the Black Lion Trading Company, or war hero Ellen Kiel.

Each candidate promises different bonuses: Gnashblade will drop the price of Black Lion keys for four weeks, support research into the Fall of Abaddon, and “host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and Southsun Survival.” Conversely, Kiel will drop the price of waypoint travel for four weeks, support research into the Thaumanova Reactor explosion, and… oh. She’ll also host a rotation of popular activities like Crab Toss and etc. etc.

That’s not the only thing new in this update, of course. There’s the aforementioned competitive activity Southsun Survival, the PvP Aspect Arena, and a Candidate Trials challenge to help you support your chosen candidate. It looks like these are available indefinitely, while the actual election period will only last until 5 August.

It’s worth noting that this comes shortly after ArenaNet promised to move to a two-week update schedule, and they certainly seem to be sticking to that promise so far.

Read up on all the details here, and read a spoiler-free mini-guide on how to get involved here.

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