Homestuck adventure game Hiveswap debuts in spring

Hiveswap, a stand-alone adventure game set in the universe of ludicrously popular webcomic Homestuck, will be appearing in spring.

Divided into four episodes, Hiveswap puts you in the shoes of Joey, a young human girl dragged onto the alien planet of Alternia. She meets up with a band of troll rebels and heads off to both save the world and find her way home. It’s a spin-off that apparently won’t require any knowledge of the webcomic, which is probably a good thing for those of you who like point-and-click adventures but have absolutely no interest in Homestuck.

Hiveswap was Kickstarted back in 2012 and raised $2.4 million before the Kickstarter ended, which was quite a way above its $700,000 goal. The game will be released in four parts over the course of 2015, with the first due in spring.

You can see four screenshots and six bits of concept art below.

Update: I previously noted that Hiveswap‘s first episode is due out in March, because I’m silly and can’t read. It’s actually spring.

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