Honkai Star Rail: How to Complete Ever-Changing Mission

Honkai Star Rail Ever Changing Wen Mingde And Xenohydro
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The adventure missions in Honkai: Star Rail introduce some neat elements you might not otherwise see. They add personality to various locations and characters. They also offer rewards you won’t want to miss. Here is our guide on how to complete the Ever-Changing mission in Honkai: Star Rail.

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How to complete Ever-Changing mission in Honkai Star Rail

As you make periodic visits to the Herta Space Station, you will come to know various members of the crew. One such member is Wen Mingde. You interact with him extensively in the Ever-Changing adventure mission. If you haven’t already met him, an introduction will occur when you find him at his desk. Then the mission proceeds.

To complete the Ever-Changing mission, you have to help Wen Mingde locate Abraham. The man is a member of Wen Mingde’s team who has gone missing. The timing of his disappearance isn’t great. Wen Mingde’s primary concern at the moment is hunting down a monster known as the Xenohydro. It is capable of assuming the form of humans aboard the Herta Space Station.

Honkai Star Rail Ever Changing Abraham With Enemies

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After accepting the mission from Wen Mingde, head to the Storage Zone. Teleport to the Outside the Control Center (First Floor) space anchor, which is near your destination. Then head along the corridor and into a dead-end room. You’ll find Abraham, who is surrounded by monsters. You need to defeat them.

You face three enemies in the battle. There are two Voidranger: Eliminator enemies, which are weak to fire, ice, and quantum damage. The third enemy is a Voidranger: Distorter. It is weak to wind attacks. Their levels are in the low 40s, so they shouldn’t pose much of a threat. That’s especially true if your character levels are closer to 50 than 40, as mine were.

Honkai Star Rail Ever Changing Ice Out Of Space

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After you defeat those enemies, you’ll have a conversation with Abraham. That exchange gives you reason to suspect something might not be right with Wen Mingde. Head back to the Base Zone. There, find the gathered crowd. Onlookers are having trouble determining which of two individuals is Wen Mingde and which is a Xenohydro imposter. You will go through a few dialog options. I’m fairly certain they all lead to the same outcome: a battle with Wen Mingde With Hands Spread out.

Your enemy’s actual name is Ice Out of Space. You have likely encountered that foe elsewhere. It is at level 42 and weak to fire, wind, and quantum damage. A party consisting of Fire Trailblazer, Dan Heng, and Selee is ideal, in theory. I used my usual squad of Serval, Dan Heng, Bailu, and March 7th. It was still a piece of cake.

After the battle, talk to Wen Mingde. Brief discussion follows. Then the mission is complete. You receive the promised reward: Trailblaze EXP(250), Stellar Jade (40), Hertareum (50), Sparse Aether (8), and Credit (10,000).

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