Retro-inspired horror game Janitor Bleeds out now on Steam

Janitor Bleeds Steam arcade

If you want an old-school, first-person horror experience with a dash of retro 1990s nostalgia, then Janitor Bleeds may satisfy your cravings. Released a few days ago on Steam, Janitor Bleeds has attracted a decent amount of attention on Twitch, and while not many Steam players have rated it as of right now, those who have mostly spoke positively of it. Whether you want to keep up with the latest gaming trends or simply experience something new, then it appears you could do a lot worse than purchasing Janitor Bleeds.

Janitor Bleeds takes place in an abandoned arcade center that houses a haunted arcade cabinet dubbed “Janitor.” The game tempts the player to spend a few rounds with it, only to unleash “a horrible force” that threatens them in the real world. If the player wishes to survive, then they will need to regularly play “Janitor” and keep it satisfied as they explore this nostalgic, yet terrifying 1990s arcade.


It’s not all fun and games for a janitor

Players can uncover numerous secrets by thoroughly examining the arcade’s “dark corners and hallways,” and finding coins alongside various items will remain a constant necessity for both progression and survival. Janitor Bleeds doesn’t just require players to engage with the “Janitor” arcade game simply for the sake of it, as doing so will reveal paths in the real world for players to take advantage of. The game attempts to faithfully recapture the aesthetic of gaming in the ’90s, so players can feel free to admire this aesthetic when they aren’t too busy trying to survive.

On SteamJanitor Bleeds has a base price of $12.99 USD, but players can currently purchase it for $9.09 USD if they wish. This launch discount will end on April 14, so act fast if you want to save a few extra bucks.

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