Magic Sword 5 - Credit - Tom Midak

Portland’s Magic Sword, in their formal attire.

I wouldn’t say Hotline Miami 2’s soundtrack is a complete secret, but so far people have been forced to piece it together from trade show footage and individual news releases. I’m fairly sure Magic Sword were already confirmed to be contributing some tracks (as with MOON and Perturbator,) but it’s definitely official now.

Both “The Way Home” and “In The Face of Evil,” (from the newly released album Volume 1) will be showing up as the audio accompaniment to your murderous rampages. Or whatever else you might get up to in Hotline Miami 2. “In The Face of Evil” certain sounds like it could be soundtracking ruthless murder, but “The Way Home” sounds a bit more contemplative.

They’re both from the retro-synth school (Vangelis, John Carpenter, everything on the Drive soundtrack) that Hotline Miami’s developers clearly love.

Assuming this embed code doesn’t break everything, you can listen to “The Way Home” and “In The Face of Evil,” below. More of Magic Sword’s stuff is up on Soundcloud.

Hotline Miami 2 doesn’t have an official release date yet, but Q1 2015 seems to be quite likely at the moment. The game also has a pretty lovely Collector’s Edition (and that’s not a sentence I tend to use very often.)

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