Last week’s Game Developers Conference Dennaton Games Nigel Lowrie announced it will be bringing Hotline Miami to PS4. In speaking with Destructoid, Lowrie says that the title will be available with cross-buy, meaning that if you already own it on PS3 and Vita, you’ll automatically get it for PlayStation 4. “We’re just going to keep it cross-buy, because we feel that if the users bought it on a PlayStation platform, they have a right to own it on PlayStation 4,” Lowrie says.


    Hotline Miami became available on PlayStation Plus  in October 2013,  Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, which was announced at E3 2013, is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, and Vita. Dennaton Games will be releasing its sequel, the final in the Hotline Miami series, later this year. Hotline Miami is now available on Windows PC, PS3, Vita and Linux. Source Polygon 

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