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House of Ashes – Theatrical Cut walkthrough (Part 6)

This is the sixth part of our House of Ashes Theatrical Cut walkthrough and guide. We’ll talk about the following chapters: Strange Aeons, The Vault, and Semper Fi.


Strange Aeons (Rachel)

If you’ve followed all our tips in this House of Ashes Theatrical Cut walkthrough, then all five main characters should still be alive. They’ll discover the otherworldly Star Chamber here. As Rachel, examine the objects/files and talk to your companions. But, do not interact with the alien device in the center.

  • Premonition: Hotel – Pick this up as Rachel next to the pool of water in the Star Chamber. This depicts a scene in the next game in The Dark Pictures Anthology. We discuss this in detail in our 13th premonition/The Devil In Me guide.
  • Randolph’s Journal 10 – Found on a desk in the Star Chamber.

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When you’re ready, activate the alien device. Soon, Rachel screams in agony. She begins to see the past, a time when this alien race crash-landed on Earth eons ago.

You’re not just in an underground cavern beneath an Akkadian temple. You’re actually inside an alien ark.

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Likewise, the parasite in Rachel’s body is attempting to kill her and turn her into one of the monsters. It leads to a few possible outcomes:

  • Important decision/possible deaths – The group suggests that Rachel could be placed inside the goop/cocoon, like that preserved ancient fella that Salim and Jason saw earlier. Your past decisions/bearings will also be taken into consideration here:
    • Death – If Rachel gives up, Jason will shoot her in the head.
    • Cocoon – This is the other option. Rachel will be placed inside the cocoon and left underground.
      • If Rachel does not want to get placed inside a cocoon, it leads to a QTE where she struggles and runs away from the squad. Assuming she’s able to escape, she will later reappear in Semper Fi, completely transformed into a demon-zombie-vampire hybrid.
      • If Rachel agrees to get placed inside a cocoon, you’ll see her again during the mid-credits scene.
    • Survive – This is only possible if (a) Eric is alive, (b) Eric knows that vampires are weak against sunlight, and (c) Eric has the UV lamp. If Rachel agrees to get placed in the cocoon goop, the group will take her there. Before they reach the area, Eric will use the UV lamp, causing the parasite to scurry away in fear. You’ll get “The Thing” achievement.

If you’re able to force the parasite out of Rachel’s body, then Rachel has a short sequence where she searches for the parasite. Once it pops up, pass the QTE sequences so she can stomp on it. Turn it over and you’ll receive the “Alien Parasite” secret.

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The Vault (Nick)

Next up, the squad takes a look at the gigantic mound of cocoons (i.e., sleeping alien vampires) in the middle of the ark. Nick volunteers to bomb the entire place.

  • QTE/binoculars – Use the binoculars to spot any vampires that are being awakened (i.e., there’s one on the left). This will warn Nick, allowing him to head through the correct passageway.
  • Important decision – Advance or retreat.
    • If you retreat, then Balathu will follow your squad. Due to QTEs, he can potentially kill one character during Semper Fi and two more during the Daylight finale. Oh, and if the characters who are up against up are taken out, then the vampires will eliminate the rest.
    • However, if you advance, then things are going to get tougher for Nick (as we’ll detail below).

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  • QTE/possible death #1 – If Nick advances further, he’ll start planting the dynamite on the cocoon mound. There are three “Don’t Breathe” sequences here. If you fail any of these, the vampires will gobble him up. If Nick succeeds, the vault will get blown sky-high. Thankfully, he also survives the explosion.
  • QTE/possible death #2 – Obviously, the group should go back for Nick. Before he can make a run for it, Balathu appears once more. You need to succeed in the QTEs here, or the ancient zombie will snap his neck. If Nick’s still alive, his pals will arrive to save him and Balathu will be killed.

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Semper Fi (multiple characters)

The group tries to escape the collapsing cavern, but Salim gets separated. This will be followed by several key moments.

  • Important decision/QTE/possible deaths – Jason has to decide what to do with his new buddy:
    • Help him – Even though it’s risky, Jason will go back for Salim. Together, the two will fend off the alien vampires. A couple of things can lead to deaths here:
      • If you fail the QTEs here, both Jason and Salim will die.
      • If you succeed and Balathu is still alive, then the Ancient One will throw a spear. Press the correct button so Jason doesn’t get impaled.
    • Leave him – Jason will tell Salim that he’ll see him on the other side. The group arrives at the elevator and Jason has to make another choice:
      • Wait at the elevator – Salim will fight the monsters alone. If he fails the QTEs, then he’s done for. But, if he survives, the others will be there waiting for him. Too bad he’s not happy with getting left behind.
      • Abandon Salim – Jason and the others will ride the elevator. As for Salim, it doesn’t matter even if you succeed in the QTEs. Once he reaches the cave, he sees that the elevator is gone. He kneels in prayer as the monsters close in.

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If Salim manages to escape along with the others, then everyone shares an “Oorah!” moment at the elevator. Next up, the squad sees the waterfall area with the ropes. Now, it’s time for Eric’s and Rachel’s ordeal.

  • QTE/possible deaths – If you left Clarice in the burial chamber in The Horror, then she’ll reappear here. Rachel and Eric need to work together because failing these QTEs will lead to deaths.

Note: If Rachel didn’t want to get placed inside the cocoon and she managed to run away, she’ll instead pop up here. You’ll see her transformed as a demon-zombie hybrid. You need to take her out or she’ll kill your characters.

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Let’s take a breather because, assuming you did everything correctly, everyone will survive your House of Ashes campaign (at least up to this point). You’ll see them climbing on a giant hand statue to reach the surface.

But, we can’t celebrate that’s yet. There’s an even more hectic moment that awaits us. Let’s go to the next part of our House of Ashes Theatrical Cut walkthrough and guide series to discuss the Daylight finale, endings, and mid-credits scenes.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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