April 25th, 2018

Housemarque announces multiplayer game Stormdivers

Housemarque announces multiplayer game Stormdivers

Houemarque has announced a new game they call Stormdivers which will be their second game to utilise the Unreal Engine.

Housemarque has been a little vague about the new game but say, “it will be a high flying and heavy hitting, multiplayer-centric experience”. Stormdivers will also be the first game they treat as an on-going service and it sounds like there will be some sort of community feedback involved when developing the game as well as testing sessions.

The game will come with an added layer of special effects eye candy using the “Housemarque VFX Engine” and they say the visuals will be something special.

That’s all we know right now but there is a teaser trailer which features some impressive looking gloomy forest visuals.