How big is Starfield? Map size and how long to beat

How Big Is Starfield Map Size How Long To Beat
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It would be impossible for Starfield to be as enormous as the real outer space, but how close is it? In Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG, you get to explore hundreds of planets, discover incredible cities, and unlock the mysteries of the universe. That’s a lot to take in for any newcomer, and it can be daunting when you realize just how much there is to explore. Let’s dive into how big Starfield is by examining the map size, and how long it’ll take to beat the game.

Starfield: Map size and game length

By looking back at Bethesda’s greatest AAA RPGs, we expected Starfield to be as big as it is. Both in terms of scale and length, this game is incredibly large. If you’re wondering just how big Starfield is, the map size includes over 1,000 planets and 100 star systems, while how long it’ll take to beat it is around 70 hours for both main and side missions.

Starfield Starmap

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Starfield map size

Even before Starfield released, Bethesda explained how you can discover over 100 star systems. And in those star systems, you can find in total over 1,000 planets. Now, that’s not to say that all those planets inhabit life and contain cities, NPCs, etc. Around 10% of those planets contain actual life, which means around 100 or so planets are filled with plenty of things to do and explore.

Other planets are there for you to scavenge for materials. Most of the time, you’ll be hanging around the planets that have hand-crafted areas and engaging quests. Other times, you’ll be hopping between auto-generated planets for crafting, hunting, and unique exploration.

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How long to beat Starfield

According to the popular website HowLongToBeat, there are varying levels of game length depending on what you focus on. Only playing the main quest will take around 20 hours. But if you complete many of the big side quests alongside the main story, it can take you around 70 hours.

Anyone who is a completionist will be pleased to know that you can spend over 200 hours playing Starfield. There are always new things to discover, side quests to stumble upon, and paths you never knew you could take.

Starfield is available on Steam.

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