How do combat rituals work in World of Horror?

How Do Combat Rituals Work In World Of Horror
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When you find yourself face-to-face with a monster in World of Horror, combat commences. There are Offensive, Support, Defensive, and Spiritual actions you can perform. While the first three are pretty understandable, you’ll probably find yourself confused as to what spiritual actions are. These can allow you to perform rituals against your enemy, but how does it even work? Let me explain how combat rituals work in World of Horror.

World of Horror: Clap and Bow rituals guide

As soon as you look at the Spiritual actions, you’ll notice the ability to Clap or Bow. During my first few playthroughs, I didn’t understand how these worked, but now that I get it, it’s pretty easy to understand. How combat rituals actually work in World of Horror is that you must perform a series of Claps or Bows five times to ghosts.

Keep in mind that this only works for ghost enemies, don’t even attempt these actions against anyone but ghosts. These rituals essentially act as exorcisms, because you can’t harm ghosts with Offensive actions. But you won’t know the order of Claps and Bows, so how do you figure it out?

How Do Combat Rituals Work In World Of Horror Clap Bow
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The best way to figure out the rituals is to either perform five Claps or five Bows in a row, and then launch the sequence. The game will then tell you how many you got right. If it says you got four Claps right, as an example, you now know the ritual includes at least one Bow.

It’s sort of trial and error. Keep trying out different combinations once you figure out how many Claps or Bows are included, and at some point, you should get the correct sequence!

As this is the only way to defeat ghosts, you’ll just have to power through these Clap and Bow rituals. The good thing about the rituals is that once you learn the correct sequence, remember it.

The ritual sequence will work for the rest of your current playthrough, but it will change in a new game. Write it down on a piece of paper to remember for future ghost encounters.

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