How long is Destiny 2 The Final Shape's campaign? Answered
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How long is Destiny 2 The Final Shape’s campaign? Answered

Time well spent.

There are multiple ways to spend your time in Destiny 2, and it’s basically an MMO-lite at this point. That said, the campaign is the main selling point to many players, so let me answer the question: How long is Destiny 2 The Final Shape’s campaign?

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How many hours does it take to beat The Final Shape campaign in Destiny 2?

I beat the Final Shape campaign as a duo in roughly eight hours. Keep in mind, I play Destiny a lot and am familiar with most mechanics the game can throw at me. If you’re solo or a new player, I can easily see the Campaign taking close to ten hours.

It will take much longer if you’re exploring and leveling up the Hunter’s Journal.

How many missions are in The Final Shape campaign?

How long is Destiny 2 The Final Shape's campaign? Answered
Screenshot: PC Invasion

There are seven missions in The Final Shape campaign, although they are split into 34 separate steps. Bungie has had a thing about the number seven since the Halo days, so it’s a symbolic end to the Light and Dark saga.

The Final Shape Raid has yet to be released. Once it’s beaten, we should unlock one final mission, bringing the total to eight.

Is the Final Shape worth playing?

I’ve never subscribed to the notion that game length equals value. Five hours doesn’t sound like a lot, but I must stress that’s only the length of the Campaign. As Destiny 2 is a looter shooter, most content is designed to be replayed. Campaigns are one of the few pieces of content that can be classed as “one and done.”

Even then, most invested players will want to beat the Final Shape campaign with all three classes to unlock everything and maybe again to clear it on Legend difficulty.  

I feel the Final Shape is worth it, and the campaign length is a non-issue, but I’m also biased. I’ve sunk almost 1,000 hours into Destiny 2, and most of that time is spent repeating content like Strikes and Dungeons. Ultimately, your mileage may vary, but if you’re judging the Final Shape purely on campaign length, you’re missing out on everything else.

If you’re a returning player and are wondering what happened to bounties, they’ve been replaced by the Pathfinder system. It’s a little overwhelming at first but much more streamlined once you’re used to it.

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