How long is the campaign in Starfield?

Starfield Length Explained
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We all know that Starfield is a massive game, but how long is the campaign? While you can get lost in roleplay, sidequests, and exploration for countless hours, how many hours long is the Starfield campaign? In this guide, I’ll tell you just how long the Starfield campaign really is.

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How many hours does it take to beat Starfield?

Surprisingly, the Starfield campaign only takes around 20 to 25 hours to beat. I finished the Starfield campaign in about 30 hours of in-game time, but I also dabbled with some side quests, ship and outpost building, and exploration.

Once the credits roll, you’ll immediately launch into Starfield‘s New Game Plus mode. And let me tell you, it is really unique and cool. You can now choose to keep playing or you can start a new character to explore the universe in a different way.

As someone who loves Bethesda RPGs but had a hard time clicking with Starfield at first, I highly recommend that you complete the Starfield campaign as soon as possible. In fact, I recommend you devote your entire first playthrough to poking around with side quests here and there, but mainly sticking to completing the main campaign.

The reason I say that is because the Starfield campaign serves as an excellent tutorial for you to begin enjoying the rest of the game. You’ll get a really good grasp of every game mechanic, and experience the grand story, by focusing on the campaign first. Plus, it’s only about 20 hours long which makes it a breeze to complete quickly.

Focus on the campaign, experience all of it, and then continue with New Game Plus or start a new character. While I was slightly disappointed by the quality of Starfield‘s story overall, it is definitely worth experiencing and getting your own opinion on. After the campaign is completed, you now have the freedom to get lost amongst the stars.

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